My thoughts on Hypnotherapy

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is not a state of deep sleep. 

I like to describe hypnosis as an experience whereby the client can be absorbed and focused on their own experience and from that experience, explore possibilities in creating solutions to their problems.

When someone is invited into their own experience there may be physiological changes that take place, for example, in their breathing as it becomes slower, relaxing of facial muscles and shoulders may drop. As we become focused and absorbed in an experience and our body relaxes there lies an opportunity to reconnect with valuable resources. 

With a combination of counselling skills and hypnosis, I like to provide my clients with every opportunity to find their own solution. To have faith that the client will always know what's going to work for them.  

Changing your mindset and attitude really does change your life!




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*disclaimer - individual results may differ from person to person